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goodlife half marathon

7 tips for training for a half marathon

I recently completed my 7th half-marathon which I trained for in 7 weeks.  So I thought I would share 7 tips for training for your half marathon. Of course, by no means are these tips complete. They should be taken with … [Read More...]

Maytag Ultimate laundry room

Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games – Giveaway

I recently got a chance to visit the Toronto 2015 Athletes Village.  The buildings are spectacular and you can tell that a lot of thought was put into the village. For example, the dining hall can hold up to 3,000 … [Read More...]


Maui with kids; what to see and do.

Last month, my family embarked on an amazing trip to Hawaii.  It wasn't our first time there. In fact, it was our fifth visit to what is known by many as 'paradise on earth'.  What was new this time around was that we … [Read More...]