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king size bed

Is it co-sleeping or just lazy parenting?

If you were a fly on our bedroom wall at night you'd see our youngest son, a newborn, all 8 pounds of him, lying sprawled out on our king size bed. His arms are outstretched above his head, as if he's giving himself a … [Read More...]

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The birth plan that never was…

It was 10:30 PM, my husband was fast asleep in case the baby decided to arrive that night.  I grabbed my cell phone and Googled "contraction calculator".  Sure, this was my third pregnancy, but it's amazing what you … [Read More...]

evenflo car seat

Our Summer Recap 2014

This summer has been a busy one, to say the least.  I was in my third trimester and had two active boys at home that I had to keep busy and entertained.  It was one of my hardest pregnancies and all I wanted to do was … [Read More...]