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The No Fuss Nexcare Sensitive Skin Line

I asked my neighbor and friend, who is also a stay at home mom to review Nexcare Sensitive Skin line on behalf of my blog. Ashley has two kids, a boy and a girl, and she also happens to be a kick-ass writer. She's honest … [Read More...]

I can't relax. They always find me!

What NOT to say to parents

I know I haven't been a parent that long (aka almost five years), but the amount of remarks that are made about my parenting or my kids are endless.  The comments are made by the likes of family, friends and strangers … [Read More...]

Someone got a hold of my colouring book

Back to School with Crayola – Giveaway

Wooo hoo! Excuse me while I do a little happy dance. I'm jumping for joy as it's almost back to school. It's been a crazy, busy, and exhausting summer with all three boys at home and not much help. So I'm a little VERY … [Read More...]

Nate 11 months

11 things I want to remember about Nathan

My youngest son Nate, my baby, my third born and my last, just turned 11 months.  He's less than a month away from becoming a toddler. I want to hold on to this age forever for lots of reasons.  Mostly because I'm not … [Read More...]